We’ve recently acquired a lathe for our workshop. It’s a rather compact, yet precise and reliable machine from Optimum Germany. The TU 2004V has a chuck diameter of 100mm, a 100mm swing over bed and a distance between centers of 300mm. The accuracy of the main spindle is 0.009mm which is equal to its larger siblings. It comes with a 230V 600W motor and a variable speed control that reaches 150-1250 RPM and 300-2500 RPM through its two belt gearing options. The diameter through the main spindle is 21mm.

Optimum OPTIturn TU 2004V lathe detail

The lathe itself originates from Asia, noticeable through Asian names on the documentation papers. Even though we received a brand new one from the warehouse, it still had a few dents and nicks in the sheet metal parts.

Optimum OPTIturn TU 2004V lathe

We may look into transforming this compact lathe into a CNC lathe as well in the future. A BeagleBone powered LinuxCNC setup is what I have in mind. But first, I have to finish my CNC foam cutter.

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