I have finally gotten around to replacing the main frames of my multicopter setup. This allows me to easily attach the newly ordered retractable landing gear I posted earlier and it has widened the aircraft in preparation for 16 inch propellers. Furthermore, I have decided to rearrange the layout. The battery pack will now be on top with the slots alongside to accommodate for velcro straps. This will allow me to quickly replace a battery pack in the field.

Another addition that I’ve done is the vibration dampening element that goes on the bottom of the aircraft. It will be attached with six M4 standoffs and screws to be able to safely lift heavier cargo such as cinema cameras or DSLR cameras.

I have used 2.5mm FR4 fiberglass composite material for the main two layers and 2.0mm carbon fiber composite material for the dampening plates as the rubber dampers required 2.0mm thickness, yet I didn’t want to sacrifice on stability. The difference is noticeable. The main frame itself seems a lot more rigid with the new plates and might yield a much better aerial stability and higher possible gain values on the flight controller.