The iPad Ground Station offering from DJI includes a 2.4GHz data link ground unit and air unit. It also comes with a bluetooth module that is required if you would like to use an iPad as the interface.

Another option is the USB cable that is included (allows to update ground unit, bluetooth and air unit if attached via CAN BUS). This enables your Windows powered computer to be used as a ground station. Despite offering more options and more advanced features such as photo mapping, joystick support and additional channels, the GUI is by far not as easy to use as the iPad’s.

Great features include voice feedback for mode switching, voltage warning and lost connections. The included radar on the bottom left helps to spot your aircraft easily, when you lost sight.

I like to plan and fly with the iPad Ground Station software. It is easy to use and has plenty of information. My complaints are limited to a few things. There should be a dedicated “take-off” button just like the “auto-land” button. It is limited to only 16 waypoints. Though I assume it’s the NAZA-M V2 that is limiting. The iPad used should be a Cellular/GPS model as the application can’t figure out where you are standing without it. I might try an external GPS unit via bluetooth to make it work. More voice feedbacks would be appreciated. Such as aircraft motors enabled/disabled. Also, an altitude offset setting would be nice.